APU rail 6 mm with cuff and grid no. 37906 Expand

APU rail 6 mm with cuff and grid no. 37906



Material: hardened PVC. Plaster thickness: 6 mm.

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2,28 €

In common practice, space is saved everywhere. Many choose not to use external APU strips and save money. At first glance, this is the case, but often after the implementation of the facade, unwanted cracks appear on the linings near the windows. Covering cracks with transparent silicone will not solve the problem.

The solution for thermal insulation is to use an APU bar with a cover sleeve and mesh no. 37906. It very nicely and effectively covers any crack and also prevents water from flowing into the lining during heavy rain.

The price is for 1 m. The length of the profile is 2.6 m.

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